Kids Get Arthritis Too!

Kids Get Arthritis Too!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Taking Control of my Arthritis

Today was an especially rough day on me. My family wanted to go out and go walk around at this thing where I live called Dickens Christmas. Its where people dress up like the people from Dickens time and walk around and talk all old and stuff... you get the point. Well anyways what was supposed to be a hour long walk around later turned into 5 hours of walking around and standing... It was terrible, and my pain killers were at home.

When I got home I was just totally beat, I had absolutely no energy left in my system, so I went straight to be and laid down with the heated blanket on, and with my pain killers. Well finally I woke up and what did I realize... it was injection day... fun... so I had my dad take the shot out of the fridge to sit out because at this point I was still too sore and stiff to even, walk. Finally I had to take my shot after a half an hour of it sitting out, and of course I got the  jitters and was having trouble just taking it. Now when I was doing this and freaking out I realized that when I first got diagnosed with my Juvenile Arthritis, I went on vacation the next week and I had bought a sailors bracelet, and I made a vow that I wouldn't take it off until every thing was over, and as I sat there I realized that, that bracelet was a way for me to tell myself that there was nothing I could do about this and that I had to just sit there and wait it out. But that was wrong, I could do something about it, stop letting it take control of me and take control of it. So tonight not only did that give me the courage to take my shot, but I cut off my bracelet and threw it out because I realized this is over cause I AM TAKING CONTROL OF MY ARTHRITIS!

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