Kids Get Arthritis Too!

Kids Get Arthritis Too!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Dealing with your Diagnosis of Juvenile Arthritis

Through out our lives we lose things that are close to us, getting diagnosed with any type of Juvenile Arthritis can have the exact same effects on the people that are diagnosed with it, those feeling sof grief and sadness are hard to ditch and leave behind but with some tips you can over come to emotions associated with JA. I think the thing to keep most in mind is how blessed you are that you disease is not terminal and to try to keep your head up and think on the positive side. Trust me I know that it is hard I've suffered with this and depression myself, and I'm sorry that I cant provide more help all I can tell you is that professional help to talk about your feelings and trying to keep your head up has really helped me and maybe it will help you too! Best of luck, Hang in there!

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