Kids Get Arthritis Too!

Kids Get Arthritis Too!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

You Just found out that you have Juvenile Arthritis (JA)...

Ok so the first thing to do is to not panic... you are going to be fine and they world isn't going to end you will be able to do this and everything is going to be ok. I know it sucks trust me I've been there people telling you that something is wrong but you are going to learn to embrace your (JA) not fear it. Calm don and think listen to what the doctor has to say maybe they want you to start taking pills or maybe you even need to start taking injections or infusions, yes granted it might seem scary at first but once you get used to it you will want your injections/infusions/pills because they will make you feel better. I know the feeling of thinking that your life is over or that it is ruined but, you do have one advantage your are a brave, strong, courageous person and you can battle through this sure it might occasionally be unfair cause you cant do what the other kids can, and they might not get it but I know that all of you have the courage to get through this and one day WE will find a cure because WE WILL NOT GIVE UP!


1) Think irrationally
2) Freak out
3) Be rude to other people because you are upset
4) Let yourself sink into depression
5) Tell yourself that you have a terrible life


1) Calm down and think straight
2) Listen to what the doctor has to say
3) Remember that your family and friends are there for you
4) Wake up and think of the amazing things in your life
5) Stay positive as much as you can cause it will help

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