Kids Get Arthritis Too!

Kids Get Arthritis Too!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Medicines for your Juvenile Arthritis!

Personally I am currently on Enbrel on weekly doses. Although there are multiple medication that you can take that will reduce your inflammation and it is very possible to put your Juvenile Arthritis into remission! Unfortunately as of right now there is no cure for Junior Arthritis but these medicines will help. For some people your arthritis might be mild enough to only need ibuprofen to be able to calm your flare up but the more severe you JIA, JRA... etc. may be the stronger your medicine will need to be. For example you might be prescribed naproxen by your doctor to see if that will reduce the inflammation personally naproxen helped a little bit but it did not reduce my pain completely only by about 50% now you could be the same as me or maybe it will work it all depends on your body and how your arthritis reacts to the medicine. Typically if Naproxen doesn't work your doctor will but you on infusion treatment or injections. In my case my doctor put me on Enbrel for a weekly does and so far it has been working wonders for me I have had very little or no pain or discomfort after only 2 weeks of taking it! There are other types of injectable medicines that your doctor could prescribe to you for example my doctor was talking about putting me on Humira which would've been a bi-weekly medicine injectable but since the arthritis was effecting my eyes she determined it wouldn't be necessary. The important thing is that these injectable medicines do lower your immune system so you have to be careful when taking them because you can get sick very easily but the thing is that these medicines can help so ask you doctor about them maybe and if you have been prescribed I will add some links down below were you can read up on the medicines.




If there are any other medicine I didn't put in this post please comment and I will update this page!

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